Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Global Chocolate Market


Chocolate Market
With the increase in globalization, the disposable income for the people in developing countries has increased mani-fold. This is what is driving the global chocolate market. Developed countries like the US, Europe and Japan is already matured and has huge market size. Different types of chocolates with various tastes, flavors and health benefits have been introduced into the market to grab market share and add new consumers into the bracket. This report covers the market size trends and forecasts for the overall global chocolate market along with the sub-segments like the different types of chocolate and their market size. Important companies involved find their reference in the competitive landscape for the global chocolate market and the sub-segments and also the company profiles.

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Monday, October 4, 2010

Global Video Surveillance Market

Video Surveillance Market

Semiconductor and Electronics

Escalating security concerns and the recent spate of terrorist activities has encouraged governments around the world to invest in video surveillance technologies for homeland security. This has significantly boosted the growth of the global video surveillance market. However, applications of video surveillance are not restricted to homeland security and include the domains of banking, transportation, education, aerospace and defense, retail, and healthcare as well. The shift from analog to digital video surveillance systems and the advent of IP cameras has had a significant impact on the video surveillance market. This report will provide a detailed analysis of all the markets for all components of a video surveillance system, such as video cameras, video analytics, storage, and other hardware.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

1. Introduction
1.1. Key Take-aways
1.2. Report Description
1.3. Markets Covered
1.4. Stakeholders
1.5. Research Methodology

2. Summary

3. Market Overview
3.1. Evolution of Video Surveillance
3.2. Components of a Video Surveillance System
3.3. Emergence of IP-based Video Surveillance
3.4. Market Trends and Winning Imperatives
3.5. Market Dynamics
3.5.1 Drivers
3.5.2 Restraints
3.5.3 Opportunities

4. Video Surveillance Product Market

4.1. Video Surveillance Camera Market
4.1.1. Analog Cameras Fixed Analog Cameras PTZ Analog Cameras
4.1.2. IP Cameras Fixed IP Cameras PTZ IP Cameras
4.1.3. Megapixel Cameras
4.2. Video Surveillance Storage
4.2.1. Video Surveillance DVR Market
4.2.2. Video Surveillance NVR Market
4.3. Encoders and Video Servers Market
4.4. Video Analytics Market

5. Video Surveillance Application Market

5.1. Residential
5.2. Transportation
5.3. Retail
5.4. Healthcare
5.5. Banking and Finance
5.6. Educational
5.7. Government and Homeland Security

6. Geographic Analysis

6.1. North America
6.2. Europe
6.3. Asia
6.4. Rest of the World (ROW)

7. Competitive Landscape

7.1. Market Share Analysis
7.2. List of Mergers/Acquisitions
7.3. List of New Product Developments
7.4. List of Agreements and Collaborations

8. Company Profiles

8.1. ADT
8.2. Agent Vi
8.3. Arecont Vision
8.4. Axis
8.5. Bosch Security
8.6. Canon
8.7. Cernium
8.8. Cisco
8.9. Dedicated Micros
8.10. Envysion
8.11. Firetide
8.12. Fluidmesh
8.13. GE Security
8.14. Genetec
8.15. Geovision
8.16. Hikvision
8.17. Honeywell Video
8.18. IndigoVision
8.19. ioimage
8.20. IQinVision
8.21. Lumenera
8.22. March Networks
8.23. Milestone Systems
8.24. Mirasys
8.25. Mobotix
8.26. ObjectVideo
8.27. ONSSI
8.28. Panasonic
8.29. Pelco
8.30. Pivot3
8.31. Samsung
8.32. Sanyo
8.33. Smartvue
8.34. Sony
8.35. Verint
8.36. VideoIQ
8.37. Vidient

9. Appendix

9.1. U.S. Patents
9.2. Europe Patents
9.3. Japan Patents

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