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MarketsandMarkets: Global Video Surveillance Market to reach US $37.7 billion By 2015

The ‘Global video surveillance market, applications and management services forecasts (2010-2015)’ analyze the video surveillance market by components and applications and study the major market drivers, restraints, and opportunities for the video surveillance market in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and ROW.

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The increasing need for security is driving the growth of the global video surveillance market. The video surveillance market is expected to grow from $11.5 billion in 2008 to $37.7 billion in 2015 at a CAGR of 20.4% from 2010 to 2015.

Cameras, storage, servers, encoders, and software are the major components of a video surveillance system. The camera accounted for almost 47% of the total video surveillance market in 2008 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 21.1% from 2010 to 2015. The software market is expected to grow at the fastest rate with a CAGR of 21.7% from 2010 to 2015 owing to the introduction of video analytics which makes the video surveillance system intelligent. The market for storage is expected to grow at a comparatively lower rate owing to the introduction of VSaaS (Video surveillance as a service). The players of video surveillance market as well as IT industries have together introduced the concept of cloud computing in this market. Video surveillance is now offered as a service to the end users. The desired location is monitored with the help of cameras and the recordings are stored by the service providers which eliminates the need for storage at each site.

Scope of the report

This research report categorizes the global market for video surveillance on the basis of components, applications, and geography; forecasting revenues and analyzing trends in each of all the markets:

On the basis of components:

Cameras, storage, servers and encoders, and software

On the basis of applications:

Retail, government, education, banking, transportation, and others

On the basis of geography:

North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, ROW (Rest of the World)

Analyst Briefing Presentation on Global Video Surveillance Market, Applications and Management Services Forecasts (2010-2015) to be held on February 8, 2011

The Semiconductors and electronics practice at MarketsandMarkets is pleased to announce its Analyst Briefing Presentation on the Global video surveillance market, applications and management services forecasts (2010-2015)to be held on February 8, 2011.

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