Tuesday, August 31, 2010

New Report Anti Nicotine Therapies (2010 - 2015) Published By MarketsandMarkets

Smoking cessation products are gaining popularity in both OTC and prescription products market segments. Increasing burden on healthcare system due to deteriorating quality of life because of smoking and several side effects associated with the current smoking cessation marketed products, builds up the need of novel products with better efficacy in this market. Besides this, there is also an opportunity fro well tolerated prescribed smoking cessation products.
The report analyses several anti nicotine therapies (OTC and prescription) present in the market, their sales forecast (2009-2015) along with the market share of leading products and players. It also provides the comprehensive review of the market trends constituting the major opportunities, drivers and restrains of the growth of this market. The report will also detail the competitive landscape with respect to recent market and product developments.
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