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New Report Global Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Market (2010-2015) Published By MarketsandMarkets

Key take aways
•Define Global healthcare IT market.
•Compare healthcare IT market in U.S., Europe and Asia.
•Identify Global EMR market
•Identify EMR market drivers, restraints and opportunities.
•Segment EMR market in U.S., Europe and Asia.
•Analyze different types of EMR on the basis of Technology and end users.
•EMR components market (Hardware and Software)
•EMR adoption in different geographies such as U.S., Canada, Europe, Japan, China, India, UAE Etc.
•Emerging trends in EMR market.
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Report description
EMR is a part of healthcare information technology that is used to make paperless computerized patient data to increase efficiency of hospital systems and to reduce chances of errors in medical records. Substantial growth rate (more than 16%) of global healthcare IT spending is expected to push EMR development all over the globe. It is estimated that HCIT market will exceed $23 billion in 2015, where EMR is the major segment that is driving its growth. Alone in U.S. a stimulus package of $1.2 billion for EMR development and establishment is announced in 2009 and that is expected to push EMR market to new heights in the country. Government initiatives, hospitals approach towards increasing efficiency, reducing cost, improving quality and fast access to patient data are some of the major drivers of EMR growth. Government initiatives in countries such as U.A.E., China and France for development of HCIT are also increasing EMR adoption in hospitals. In the future U.S., Canada and Europe are expected to be the major players in the global EMR market. On the other side requirement of integrated health delivery systems in Asian countries such as India and china is one of the major reasons behind EMR system adoptions
Stake holders
•Healthcare service providers such as hospitals, medical centers and physicians.
•EMR Software and hardware developers.
•Health insurance companies.
Each of the section will provide market data, market drivers, trends and opportunities, key players, and competitive outlook. This report will also provide market tables for various geographic regions covering sub segments and micro markets. In addition the report also provides company profiles for EMR manufacturers. Key market developments will be sourced from the top companies that are profiled. Secondary research will progress through both paid and unpaid sources. We will conduct primary research to provide in-depth understanding of the market.
Table of Content
1. Introduction
1.1. Key Take away
1.2. Report description
1.3. Market covered
1.4. Stakeholder
1.5. Research Methodology
2. Summary
3. Information Technology (IT) in Healthcare
3.1 Market Overview
3.2 Market Size
3.3 Market in U.S., Europe and Asia
4. Introduction to EMR
4.1 Definition
4.2 EMR vs. EHR
4.3 EMR Industry Structure
5. Types of EMR
5.1 On the basis of technology
5.1.1 Web based EMR
5.1.2 Client-server based EMR
5.2 On the basis of end users
5.2.1 Clinicians
5.2.2 Nursing homes
5.2.3 Hospitals
6. EMR market overview
6.1 EMR Market Definition
6.2 EMR Market Drivers
6.3 EMR Market Restraints
6.4 Global EMR market
7. EMR Market in different geographies
7.1 EMR market in U.S.
7.2 EMR Market in Europe
7.3 EMR Market in Asia
7.4 EMR market in ROW
8. EMR Components Market
8.1 Overview
8.2 EMR Hardware
8.3 EMR Software
9. Advantages and Disadvantages of EMR
9.1 Advantages
9.1.1 Increased Access and Efficiency
9.1.2 Improved Documentation
9.1.3 Quality of Care
9.1.4 Increased Resource
9.1.5 Quality Assurance
9.1.6 Eliminates Costs
9.2 Disadvantages of EMR
10. EMR adoption by geography
10.1 US
10.2 Canada
10.3 Brazil
10.4 Germany
10.5 France
10.6 Italy
10.7 Spain
10.8 U.K.
10.9 Netherlands
10.10 Australia
10.11 China
10.12 India
10.13 Japan
10.14 U.A.E.
11. Emerging trends in EMR
11.1 Emerging Technologies in EMR
11.1.1 The Personal Health Record System
11.1.2 Smart Cards Technology
11.1.3 Wireless Technologies
11.1.4 Interoperable Systems Dimensions of Interoperability Benefits
11.1.5 Open Source EMR Applications Benefits of Open Source EMR Applications
11.2 Emerging EMR Application Areas
12. Company Profiles
12.1 Cerner Corporation
12.2 Computer Programs and Systems, Inc.
12.3 Eclipsys Corporation
12.4 Epic Systems, Inc.
12.5 GE Healthcare
12.6 Medical Information Technology, Inc.
12.7 MedPlus, Inc.
12.8 McKesson Corporation
12.9 Quadramed Corporation
12.10 Siemens Medical Solutions
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