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New Report Effective Social Media Marketing Strategies for Pharmaceutical Market Published by MarketsandMarkets

Increasing number of web users’ world wide (1.8 billion), development and popularity of web based community sites (Twitter, Facebook), tools and information centers (branded & unbranded sponsored communities) are changing approach towards Pharma and healthcare marketing and information sharing. In pharma industry social media has emerged as an effective tool for marketing, consumer engagement, monitoring & analyzing user generated content and building & changing brand perception. Social media is emerging as a strategic shift in organizations communication and operation model. Top pharmaceutical market players have started integrating social media in to their marketing mix. The effective social media marketing strategies that can help generate business exposure, market research data, relationship building and thus can prove as an important initiative to boom sales and overall business in the long term.
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Table of Contents

1. Introduction
1.1. Key Take Away
1.2. Report Description
1.3. Stakeholders
1.4. Research Methodology
2. Summary
3. Market Overview
3.1. Emerging Role of Internet in healthcare
3.1.1. Web 1 tools to Web 2 tools
3.1.2. Social Media Evolution
3.1.3. Conventional Media vs. Social Media
3.2. Social Media and New Technologies
3.3. Social media as a strategic shift in communication choices
3.4. ROI Analysis of using Social Media
4. Key Social Media (SM) Tools
4.1. Types of social media platforms
4.1.1. Twitter
4.1.2. Facebook
4.1.3. You tube
4.1.4. Blogs
4.1.5. Brand sponsored communities
4.1.6. Forums
4.1.7. Podcasts
4.1.8. Others
4.2. Comparative study
5. Effective Social Media Strategies / Tactics
5.1. Determine the right social media mix
5.1.1. Identify the social platform based on the target audience and goals
5.1.2. Use multiple tools
5.2. Enlarge the targeted segment
5.2.1. Reach the right people both in small and large social platforms
5.2.2. Generate more traffic to social platform
5.2.3. Trigger the conversation to analyze the business opportunity
5.3. Integrate the consumer in to business
5.3.1. Involvement in product testing
5.3.2. Effective Listening and Monitoring of Online Social Media
5.3.3. Respond to consumers needs and preferences
5.4. Building & Engaging Consumer Communities
5.4.1. Create the collaborative tools such as forums, online surveys for the consumers
5.4.2. Disclose the identity to gain trust
5.4.3. Responding quickly to criticism and answer the comments
5.5. Build and Change brand perception when required
5.5.1. Replay offline campaigns on the social platforms
5.5.2. Announce the upcoming events and trigger the conversations
5.5.3. Engage users to buzz
5.5.4. Online Video distribution related to the product description
5.5.5. Build trust with consumers before providing influential information
5.6. Polices related to communication on social platform
5.6.1. Determine the speakers communicating on the social platforms on the behalf of product and service provider
5.6.2. Post the relevant content at the right time
5.6.3. Balance engaging communication vs. advertising communication
6. Benefits and Risk Analysis of Social Media in Healthcare Industry
6.1. Benefit Analysis
6.1.1. Marketing and Sales SEO/SEMC vs. Social Media Conventional Marketing vs. Social Media Business exposure and generation
6.1.2. Consumer Relationship Management Consumer Communication Public Relations Consumer feedback and satisfaction
6.1.3. Recruitment
6.1.4. Clinical Trials
6.1.5. Treatment and Rx Decisions
6.1.6. Enhancing Health Awareness
6.2. Risk Analysis
6.2.1. Intellectual Property Concerns
6.2.2. Privacy and Security Issues
6.2.3. Accountability
6.2.4. Content Validation
6.2.5. Regulatory and legal risk management
6.2.6. Criticism Management
7. Impact Analysis of Social Media on Healthcare Stakeholders
7.1. Stakeholder analysis
7.1.1. Pharmaceutical Companies
7.1.2. Biotech Companies
7.1.3. Life Sciences Companies
7.1.4. Health Insurance Providers
7.1.5. Health related Government bodies
7.1.6. Hospitals
7.1.7. Health professionals
7.1.8. Patients/Consumers/Consumers
7.2. Effective strategies for different stakeholders
8. Geographical Analysis of use Social Media in Healthcare Industry
8.1. US
8.1.1. Total Internet Connections and users
8.1.2. Social Platform traffic
8.1.3. Infrastructure development
8.1.4. Regulatory environment
8.2. Europe
8.2.1. Total Internet Connections and users
8.2.2. Social Platform traffic
8.2.3. Infrastructure development
8.2.4. Regulatory environment
8.3. Asia
8.3.1. Total Internet Connections and users
8.3.2. Social Platform traffic
8.3.3. Infrastructure development
8.3.4. Regulatory environment
9. Future Impact of Social media on healthcare/pharmaceutical industry
9.1. Increase in social engagement of healthcare professionals and companies with the consumers
9.2. Consumer engagement in business development
9.3. Reinvention of marketing and sales strategies
9.4. Innovation in products and services
9.5. Dwindling sales force
9.6. Enhance business operational efficiencies

10. Case Studies
10.1. J&J
10.2. GSK
10.3. Bayer
10.4. Sanofi-Aventis
10.5. Novartis
10.6. Astra-Zeneca US
10.7. BMS
10.8. Roche
10.9. Pfizer
10.10. Boehringer Ingelheim
10.11. Merck
10.12. UCB
10.13. Novo Nordisk
10.14. Life Technologies
10.15. R&D Systems
10.16. FDA
10.17. CDC
10.18. Kaiser Permanente
11. Company profiles of key market players in social media
11.1. Siren Interactive
11.2. Saatchi and Saatchi Wellness
11.3. Transmission Content + Creative
11.4. Intouch Solutions Inc.
11.5. Fleishman-Hillard Digital
11.6. Others

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