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New Report Global Oncology Pharmaceuticals & Therapeutics Market Published By MarketsandMarkets


* To define and intensively analyze the global oncology pharmaceuticals and therapeutics market.
* To identify and assess the market with respect to cancer drugs, vaccines and therapies currently available in the market and in the pipeline.
* To analyze comprehensively each of the market segmentation with respect to market drivers, restraints and opportunities that is impacting the market revenues and trend.
* To quantify and evaluate the market revenues for each of the micro markets with respect to drugs, vaccines and therapy revenues attributed to respective geographies (North America, Europe, Asia and Rest of the World).
* To analyze and comprehend the core competency of the market players by profiling the companies with respect to their product offering, revenues, target market, pricing, pipeline products, patents and recent developments. .
* To understand the competitive scenario by tracking an indicative strategy trend such as mergers & acquisitions, alliances, joint ventures etc. in the industry among the top market players.

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2008 saw almost 12 million patients diagnosed with cancer. Despite, increasing technological advancements and research the deaths due to cancer were about 8 million people in 2008. Lung cancer accounts for the highest mortality rate. However, there has been a significant development in technologies and drugs/vaccines with respect to breast cancer, thyroid cancer, and pancreatic cancer therefore increasing the survival rates. However, the patients continue to live with a fear of cancer recurrence and hence pharmaceutical companies are currently focusing on providing anti-recurrence drugs and vaccines with minimal side effects. These drugs and vaccines are expected to dramatically increase the quality of life among the cancer survivors. With escalating awareness, Asian countries are increasingly demanding for novel therapies than ever before. The unmet demand in the market coerces the market players to clearly understand the competitive products/pipeline products, role of competitors, positioning and pricing aspects in order to boost their market position.


This market report will enable strategic understanding on the oncology pharmaceuticals and therapeutics market

Each section of the report offers market data with respect to segments and geography. It also provides market trends with respect to drivers, restraints and opportunities. The report contains strategic section with respect to competitive landscape and market overview. The report will encompass more than 40 company profiles.

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